Products & Warranties

Juno Energy has been assisting local homes and businesses to harness the power of solar energy since January 2010. Our goal is to source the highest quality solar equipment from around the world and bring it to your rooftop. The advantages of the products we use:

 Quality: we use the highest quality products that have proven output efficiency and are recognized industry leaders;

Warranties: the products we use have long term warranties with the original suppliers;

Ethical choice: we only work with suppliers that are recognized as ethical suppliers in that they ensure the products are developed in the most sustainable way, minimize environmental impacts at the production process and generate maximum output efficiency.





 LG (South Korea)

 LG is a premium solar module offering high energy density per square meter and longer than average warranty.  25 year linear output warranty and 12 year product warranty


 Solar Edge (USA)  Solar Edge is the worlds leading manufacturer of Power Optimisers. This technology allows for greater yield and to harvest more energy from arrays facing multiple directions.
 12 year product warranty
Clenergy Aluminium  Clenergy aluminium is the trusted and proven name in solar PV mounting systems. All clenergy aluminium products are fast to install, compliant with relevant standards and highly durable. 10 year product warranty