Juno Energy utilises LG High Voltage batteries working in partnership with SolarEdge inverters and battery management systems. This system uses DC coupled technology to ensure efficient movement of electricity and all data including energy storage can be viewed on your energy monitoring portal. 


Reasons to add a battery
  1. Batteries allow you to use the power created by your solar system at night or during cloudy periods
  2. The LG/SolarEdge battery systems we install allow your system to function if the grid goes down due to storms or other events that may impact its operation
  3. Batteries and solar can act together to shift when you use most of your electricity


Reasons to choose the LG Chem RESU battery

Compact Size & Easy Installation
The compact and lightweight nature of the RESU is world-class. It is designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation for both indoor and outdoor applications. The inverter connections have also been simplified, reducing installation time and costs.
Powerful Performance
The new RESU series features industry-leading continuous power of about 5kW & DC round-trip efficiency  of 95%. LG Chem’s lamination and stacking process is arguably the most efficient technology currently available and outperforms competitors in terms of durability and energy density 
Proven Safety
LG Chem places the highest priority on safety and utilizes the same technology for its ESS products that has a proven safety record in its automotive battery. All products are fully certified in relevant global standards.