About Juno Energy

Juno Energy is a Byron Bay based company servicing the Northern Rivers of NSW in solar power. We are solar photovoltaic (PV) experts who can assist with all stages of the process of realizing your switch to solar at your home or business

  • Juno Energy selects the highest quality solar equipment from recognized industry leaders. This ensures you of the maximum output efficiency, and thus the highest possible savings on your energy bills.
  • We offer financing and leasing options for commercial projects.
  • The products we use have long-term warranties with the original suppliers.
  • Juno Energy works with local Clean Energy Council accredited designer/installers.

Want to talk to Juno Energy about solar energy at your home or business to save on your power bills and contribute to a greener future? Please contact us with your questions about Juno Energy’s products and services: patrick@junoenergy.com.au, 0425 256 802